Indie Ramadan

  So you can’t / don’t fast. You don’t pray tarawih. You’re not going to read a juz – much less 30 of them – of the Quran. But you’re a Muslim – regardless of what THEY may say – and you have some sort of connection to Ramadan. What are some ways YOU can … More Indie Ramadan

Dear Nabra

Dear little sister, You have been much on my mind the past few days, as you have been on the minds of many others around the world.  Today, your parents and your community laid you to rest. It was sunny today, the longest day of the year. They placed you into the earth, where your … More Dear Nabra

Not Here

I was at a party last week and someone brought up 2017, and I made a sound and they were like “Wow you’re pessimistic,” and I realized they were all straight, white, nominally Christianish liberals. For them, now, the president to be is a late night joke. They’ve “moved on” from the election. Their marriages … More Not Here

Now at Karbala

Today is 9th Muharram. Tomorrow is 10th Muharram, known as Ashura. I came from the Sunni traditions of Islam. For Sunnis, Ashura has significance on two accounts. One is what you may know it for: it was the day that the oppressor Yazid’s armies slaughtered 72 members of the family of Muhammad, including his grandson, … More Now at Karbala